All efforts are made to keep our books in reasonable condition and many parents help us repair and clean books. In an effort to keep our books ready for use, please note the following items:

  • - Students are responsible for returning their textbooks in good, usable condition with the barcode attached. Charges for repair or replacement may be assessed by library staff if books are returned in substandard condition.
  • - All textbooks must be returned to the library by the last of school. Books returned during summer or the following school year will be marked as lost.
  • - It is the responsibility of each student to return the same textbook that they recieved at the begining of the year. We highly discourage students, having their friends or staff members return their books for them.

    Textbook Care

  • - All textbooks should be covered for protection. The best cover is a thick paper bag from the market, like Trader Joe's or Ralphs.
  • - Report any damage that you notice in your textbooks now. You have the month of September to let library staff know of any damage that you have noted in your textbooks. Most likely, we've already seen it & made note of it in our records, but it's good to be on the safe side.
  • - Write your name on the inside of your books. This will prevent unintended book swaps with friends.
  • - Never leave your books unattended. Going off campus for lunch? Then leave your books in your locker or take them with you. Don't leave them in a hall or outside of a classroom.
  • - If you have an outside locker, take your books home when it rains. Although it's extremely rare, water has leaked into outdoor lockers. If your books do get wet, dry them immediately by fanning the pages out & notify library staff.

    ** If you lose or misplace a textbook, you can check Destiny to see if has been returned to the Media Center. All students may check on their current checked out materials (including textbooks) or any remaining fines by logging into our Destiny circulation system.



The Woodbridge Media Center holds over 10,000 books in our collection, most of which can be checked out by students and staff. Books may be checked out for 3 weeks at a time. After 3 weeks, we do request that the book be renewed or returned. Any materials that are not returned by the last day of school will be marked lost and a replacement fine will be generated.

Parents have requested that we put up a list of books/materials that we are in need of, so here it is! This list is of books that are core novels and are read in their English classes.

If you'd like to donate these items or other used books that you have in good condition, please stop by the Media Center to drop them off. We truly appreciate your generosity!

Core Novel List