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News Websites

Online Newspapers Around the World
Los Angeles Times
New York Times - The Learning Network
Time Magazine Daily News Summary
USA Today
AJR Newslink - newspapers, magazines, radio, TV
CNN News
BBC World News
Google News Timeline
National Geogpahic
  • Search all National Geographic articles and images.


Overdrive E-Books
  • Overdvive is a digital bookself with 100"s of free ebooks that students can check out for a loan period and save to their device or read it from a web browser. This service was purchased by IUSD and the collection will be growing over the next year To access this site, students can login using their district issued username and password.

    • OverDrive is also available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 as well as Mac desktop platforms.

    How to get started on Ovedrive

Project Gutenberg - Free ebooks
Folger Shakespeare Library
  • Access all of Shakespeare's plays in a free, easy-to-read format, offered by Folger's Texts.

Social Science Links

Government Attic
  • Original documents discovered under the Freedom of Information Act. Investigate.
National History Day (NHD)
  • Primary sources from U.S. History.
Core Documents of US Democracy
Presidents of the United States